Cassadines Don't Divorce




Imagine for a moment, that it is once again June 1997 in PortCharles, New York. Stefan and Bobbie are still married. Bobbie isworking with Luke to foil Stefan's computer virus to take over theworld's banks. Stefan has been spending time with Katherine Bellhelping her to heal, which culminates in her walking on stage at theNurses Ball.

This is the stage I've set for this story. It takes us back tothe time where Bobbie tries to drug Stefan to gain entrance into acertain wood box which she believes contains information/disks thatLuke needs to defeat Stefan. She steals some drugs from the hospitalcontrolled substances closet, so she can put Stefan to sleep andsteal his medallion, since his medallion is the only one that willopen the box. A seduction scene is set. Bobbie pours the Port. Alexiscalls to warn Stefan since she witnessed Bobbie's odd behaviorearlier. Stefan switches glasses when his wife isn't looking anddrinks it all. He pretends to sleep.

I have changed a few key details of GH history for this story,which you will discover as you read. Also note, as far as Stefanknows, he has no sister, Alexis or otherwise. This happens to be trueat the time the story is set.

The story is short, 6 chapters in all. I have taken theliberty of borrowing significant portions of real GH dialogue to suitmy purposes- special thanks go to GrandDuchess and Xara for trackingthe information down. The characters and dialogue are the property ofABC, and I make no profit from my fanfiction.