Bring Stefan Back Fanfic Challenge*


The Challenge : The GH writing team committed a crime when they systematically destroyed, maimed and murdered the beloved Stefan Cassadine. The mission was simple in this challenge: Bring back the Stefan Cassadine we know and love - whole and in fighting form - in a one part story. The Authors could create, bring back or kill any character they needed to complete the mission of repairing what GH broke. Below you will find those stories.



A Little Hope



A Man of Good Bones

By Antigone


Beyond Your Reach

By Slacker


Moving Mountains

By Rebel



By KrunnerH


Nothing Gold Can Stay

By Barkussaab



By Anna Dannir


Regrets, Renewal and Return

by Anna Dannir


The Lesser Evil

By Speedgeek


Three Things

By Icemangal




* There are a few authors who submitted stories to the challenge that I was not able to reach for permission to include on this page. Their stories are not included at this time. If you are an author of one of those stories and wish to have yours added, please contact Rebel. You can read those stories on the Cassadine Fanfiction Forum .